My Family(我的家)

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题目:My Family(我的家)
嘉义县 同济国中 国二乙班 叶玟希 

There are twelve people in my family. They are my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, sister, two brothers, uncles, aunts and me.
I'm a junior high school student. I'm fifteen years old. My father is forty years old. He's running a coffee shop in mainland China. My mother is a nurse. She takes care of patients in a hospital in Taipei. My grandmother is housewife and my grandfather is a store keeper. One of my uncles is a detective. He is working in the National Police Administration in Taipei. His major job is to catch criminals. My aunt is a marketing manager. She works for a trading company. My brother and sister are elementary school students. My little brother is cute baby.
My family takes a trip together about every two weeks. I have a happy family. I love my family very much.