I Have Two Dogs(我有两只狗)

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题目:I Have Two Dogs(我有两只狗)
新东国中3年8班 李亚璇        

I have two dogs. They look exactly the same. Even I myself can't tell them apart. They are very cute. When I walk, they follow my every step, and wouldn't leave me wherever I go. These two loyal dogs are very quiet, and won't bark at me or anyone. You must want to know what kind of dogs they are? They are slipper-gods. My friend, May, gave them to me as my birthday gift. At home, I wear them all the time, the furry dogs keep my toes warm, and warmth flows comes into my heart. I don't feel cold and can concentrate on my studies. These two gods accompany me through the cold winter. I will cherish them as I cherish the friendship between May and I.