Great Trip(太棒的旅行)

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题目:Great Trip(太棒的旅行)

England is the best place I've ever been. Everything is so beautiful. I spent about one and a half days on the plane. When I arrived at Heathrow Airport in London, it was evening and the great trip was starting. There were many places I visited in London, like Big Ben, Westminster, the Tower of London…….those are very famous. Most of the time in the afternoon, my parents and I sat and walked in the park. Have you seen “Notting Hill” before? The story in the movie happens in London. The British museum, Musee de Louver and the Metropolitan Museum of art are the three largest museums in the world. I've visited two of them. Then we left London for Cambridge, Windsor Castle, York and Stonehenge. They were excellent . Every small town has a history of one or two thousand years. There was an art festival called “Tutto” in Edinburgh, and there were many street players who their lives to the shows. Then we went to northern Scotland. It was dangerous! Then we went back to London, and sat in the park, and the fat geese were so cute. That journey was the nicest memory of my life. I won't forget it.