Our Changjing River-我们的长江

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      We call the Yellow River our "Mother River" and we also see the Chang, jiang River as our "Father River" since these two rivers are the source of the civilization of Chinese people. Our remote ancestors lived along the river, so both rivers have witnessed the growth of Chinese people and they are our valuable heritage.
     My childhood is closely associated with the Changjiang River. When I was young, my father often took me to the riverside.I was always struck by the beautiful scenery of the river. The water was pure, clean and blue. Some birds flew down, scraped the water and roared up suddenly and some grass floated in the water quietly. Looking into the distance, I saw the river wandering toward the east. However, after the thunderstorm, the water was turbulent with some whirls in the middle of the river.The fresh breeze gave my face a feeling of moisture. Even today I still remember the magnificent scene and the impressive feeling.
     Some unpleasant changes have taken place since then. Many hills alongside the river have become bald. More and more mud and dust are being washed down into the river each year. Worse
still, driven by economic profits, some factories keep pouring pollutants into the river.
     Luckily people have been awakened to their obligation.They learn a lesson from the big flood in 1998 that we have to nourish our Changjiang River just as it has nourished us and protect it just as it has protected us. Only after a harmonious relationship has been established between men and the river can we prevent the tragedy happening again and restore beauty to our Changjiang River.

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