A Ten-minute Break-十分钟的课间休息

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高三年级是高中生活的最后一年,在这一年中,学生们要面临着沉重的升学压力。因此,很多学生下课后也坐在教室里用功,但学习效率和成绩并不理想。由此你想告诉他们:适当的休息很有必要。现在就请你以 “A Ten-minute Break”为主题,按下列要点写一篇短文,让这些同学从中有所启发。短文的要点如下:





A Ten—minute Break

As a Senior Three student, time seems much limited. ______________________________

A Ten-minute Break

As a Senior Three student, time seems much limited.  As a result, more and more students try to study from early morning till late afternoon, even during the ten-minute break.  In my opinion, to take a ten-minute break between classes is definitely necessary.  Otherwise we will feel tired both physically and mentally.

During the ten-minute break, we do something to get rid of tiredness.  What we need is to have a real rest, instead of getting more tired.  So doing nothing tiring in that period is really good for us.

 My ten-minute break is always pleasing.  Sometimes I do some simple exercises.  Sometimes I have a free chat with my classmates or just take a walk outside.  When the next class begins, I feel fresh again.